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Anna’s Family

Beach time with Anna’s Mom and Stepdad

Anna’s Brother and his family

Anna’s Dad and her Stepmom

We both come from large extended families. Most of Anna’s family lives locally in New York City. They all love children and are very excited about the prospect of adoption so we’ll have plenty of help raising a child. Anna’s father and stepmother live in Oregon but visit New York often.

Everyone is very close and supportive of one another. Anna’s brother and sister are both in the arts. Her brother’s wife is a public high school history teacher. It is a caring and creative family.

Keltie with Anna’s Parents

Violin lends a hand during turkey basting

Anna’s neice and nephew Aza and Hugo making each other laugh

Anna and her sister

Keltie’s Family

Keltie’s parents

Keltie’s brother and family

Keltie’s sister’s family

Keltie’s family is more spread out, but everyone travels to see one another regularly. There is always a family reunion on holidays, anniversaries, graduations, and major birthdays.

Keltie’s older sister and her husband and three kids live in the country in Maine. Keltie’s brother is a jazz musician and lives in Italy with his wife and two small sons. Keltie’s parents live in Kentucky where she grew up. They spend winter in Florida where we gather every year to celebrate the holidays together on the beach!

Keltie and her siblings

Keltie’s mom swims with her grandkids

Keltie’s dad holding his grandson

Keltie’s sister has taught all her children to be wonderful musicians

Keltie and her mom painting together

Lola gets started on her favorite Christmas present

Keltie and Lola relaxing in the grass

We are both close with our nieces and nephews – we have two nieces and five nephews ranging from age 11 months to 17 years old. We are so inspired by the individual strengths and creativity of all the children in our family.

Anna carrying Zlatan

Anna making sandcastles with Lola, Cosma and Zlatan

Keltie painting with Henry

Lola playing the piano

Our nephew Ferris is a farmer, raising chickens and sheep and bees all by himself. Our niece Aza is a cellist and writer. Our nephew Hugo is an outdoor adventurer, soccer player, and innovative costume maker. Our niece Lola is a powerful swimmer and has a beautiful voice. Lola was adopted from Guatemala as an infant and loves to sing in an international girls choir. Our nephew Henry is an incredible artist and drummer. And our baby nephews Cosma and Zlatan are bilingual. They can speak Italian and English.

Ferris carrying hay to feed his sheep

One of Hugo’s inventive costumes

Keltie and Henry go dirtbiking

Aza’s cello recital

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