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We both make art professionally. We exhibit our artwork in museums and galleries throughout the United States and Europe.

We are able to support ourselves by selling our artwork. Anna also works as a professor of art.

We have flexible work schedules which means we can adapt our time to a child’s needs. We both have studios near to home and sometimes we are able to work from home.

Keltie working on one of her large paintings in her studio

Keltie mixing paint in her studio

Anna making a watercolor painting

We enjoy helping each other make our artwork and to put on exhibitions. We make very different artwork from one another and we find inspiration in our differences.

Keltie makes large colorful abstract paintings. Anna makes all different things like drawings, sculpture, furniture, animations and books.

We love talking to each other about what we are working on.

Anna moving around some drawings that children made at one of her exhibitions

Our home is also a place for play and creativity. As we both grew up in artistic households, our home life together carries these traditions forward. The walls of our apartment are covered in artworks made by of our friends and family.

Anna enjoys making creative projects for our home – weaving, sewing, or carpentry. We are looking forward to raising a child and designing all kinds of fun projects for us to make at home together.

Anna working on a crochet weaving for our home

Anna sewing napkins that we dyed together by hand with the help of Anna’s sister and our niece Aza

Cooking is another creative activity that we love doing together. Keltie grills meat and vegetables outdoors. Anna is a fantastic cook in the kitchen. She is always learning new recipes. We eat her delicious home cooked meals every day.

Anna showing off the baked pancake she made for breakfast

Keltie at our friend’s grill. Our dog violin is waiting patiently in the sidelines for any food scraps that may fall

We have a very supportive and playful relationship. Anna is often really silly and loves to make Keltie laugh when she least expects it. Our mornings often start with an interpretive dance routine performed by Anna to try and rouse sleeping Keltie out of bed. (Anna is a morning person. Keltie prefers a slow start.)

Our evenings often wind down with Keltie telling Anna a memory or reading aloud to bring calm at the end of a long day.

Keltie basking in the winter sunshine before making a snow angel

Anna caught doing an impromptu dance performance in the sun spot by the river

We’d love to hear from you!

Anna & Keltie
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