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We split our time between two homes, one in the city and one in the country.

Our Home in the City

Our city apartment is located in the safe, diverse, and historic neighborhood in Brooklyn. There are many quiet streets filled with beautiful brownstones. There are wonderful schools for kids of all ages. Many are also international schools.

Keltie and Midnight sitting on our stoop

Nearby there is a famous theatre where we love to go see dance, plays and music performances. They also have wonderful events and classes for families and children, plus a movie theatre that shows movies from all over the world.

There are many playgrounds for kids to play, as well as multiple places where kids can take dance or music lessons in the neighborhood.

There is a large park just two blocks from our apartment where we walk our dogs every day. Midnight and Violin can run off-leash in the morning to play with other dogs. There are many playgrounds and jungle gyms in the park always filled with playing children. Every Saturday there is a big Farmers market where we buy delicious fruits, vegetables and fresh baked bread.

Keltie buying apples at the Saturday Farmer’s market

Sometimes its a little too cold for Violin so we carry her in our coats

Our Home in the Country

Our country home is in the Catskill Mountains. We spend winter weekends and all summer in the Catskills. We have a large property surrounded by woods and mountains and streams. It is a wonderful environment to run and play outside. Our property is secluded but we also can walk to our neighbors home just on the other side of our field. They are a thoughtful and kind family with one newborn baby and one toddler and two sweet dogs.

In the big field with our house in the background

Keltie and Midnight on the lookout of our favorite hike

Anna and Violin at the stream on our land

We are both athletic and love our time upstate to go for walks in the woods and to ride our bicycles. It’s an important respite where we can relax in the quiet and escape from the nonstop energy of the city.

We are both learning to garden which we enjoy very much. We recently planted a large vegetable garden so we can grow all of our vegetables. Keltie has also planted a small orchard of fruit trees – pears, peaches and plums – so we can make delicious jams and juices.

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